BiteClub brings the perfect restaurant quality dining experience within the comforts of your own home. It is a community that seeks to empower local independent chefs & small businesses by matching users with a talented chef in their neighborhood.

Work Sample 2.png

As a big foodie, I had a TON of fun creating this tool, building the idea, prototyping it, and creating the business plan. For incorporating local food sourcing and local chef empowerment, I won the Fletcher School Grant for Social Entrepreneurship in Spring 2015. With the grant, I sourced ingredients from local businesses and ran a pop-up dinner for the community. 

This was my first UX/UI project EVER which means it has changed a lot over time as I grew and developed my style as a designer. Below is the first iteration of the prototype.



I prototyped parts of this app using the prototyping software, Framer.js. Below are two interactive screens – the sign up page and the results page. This was my first time using this software and I mostly discovered the tricks from the Framer Facebook forum (super neat community)! I designed the interfaces and grouped each of the layers in Sketch to target in Framer.