Food + Future CoLAB Winter

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To kick off this weeks theme of understanding, we sought to get inspired by the uninspiring big-box grocery store experience. What did we find? Confusing, misleading labels that leave consumers with no idea of what they're eating. To solve this mystery, we created Good & Gather – a new brand and grocery experience for the modern-day big box store. 

GATHER's new line of products for Target.

GATHER's new line of products for Target.

GATHER is not only a brand, but an EXPERIENCE

After synthesis with Target, the brand was selected to move forward. The original Good + Gather prototype was piloted in Target stores in Boston, Minneapolis, and San Francisco! Below are pictures of the first scrappy pilot product and our setup at the Target Fenway location!

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Good & Gather was selected for the 2016 TechStars Retail Accelerator.